A personal view.

It's not really possible to summarise something that is so unique as the relationship that builds between client and counsellor, there are literally 1,000s of books on the subject. But I think I can talk briefly about some key themes that could become familiar to you through our time together in the following sections.

Holding Hands


An exploration of how you relate to the people most important in your life and to where you are positioned in your world. We often take such aspects of our lives for granted, just because they have been in a particular way or norm for a long time. You can choose where you really want to be in relation to all that is in your life, and make changes if that is what is needed. Each of your words or silences, your actions or inaction, generates a response in the world around you that can help you make better choices in your future.

Image by Brett Jordan


By bringing all of yourself to the counselling process, you will find that you begin to take what you discover into the days and relationships between our sessions. An analogy that springs to mind is the Le Mans endurance motor race pit stop. You are 'on the road' in your life for every minute of every day and our sessions together provide an opportunity to come off the track for a while, look back and learn, and look forward and plan.

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They exist every where in our lives, national laws, rules of the road and social dos and don'ts as examples. They exist too in our relationships, our relationships with others and with ourselves. Through the counselling process you may begin to see those rules and boundaries that keep you safe, happy and healthy and you might defend and tend to them more than you do now. You might also discover some that hold you back, are unhealthy and that detract from your quality of happiness. For these, you can create a plan for change, or even to dismantle them altogether as their initial purpose may by now be well served and no longer apply in your life.

Running Shoes


Our capacity as humans to make decisions absolutely consciously for every moment in our lives is limited, and we often generate 'ways of being', like an auto-pilot, in different parts of our lives. You might not challenge them often enough, testing if they serve you well. Sometimes they become so embedded that they become difficult to change as they are perhaps seen by you and others as part of you, your personality and character. Through counselling you may see these emerging in more focus and light and in a safe place, without judgement, begin to tune into the authentic you and what you really need in your life now, and going forward.



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