• Jan-Paul Van Dessel

When is a room not a room? When it's a space.

Even defining the title of this blog entry was difficult. As I went to type the words 'counselling room' they did not seem to accurately describe what it is. In fact the word room felt very functional. A room has a door, walls, windows perhaps and some furniture. It is what you might expect it to be.

A 'counselling space' however seems a better description, as it is a space that we get to explore, that we are invited to use in whatever way we feel is helpful and that we can fill with our voice, our feelings and our hopes and fears. As we do that, each remains somewhere in the counselling space, words that have been spoken or heard we can take them back from that space and into conversation. We can explore their meaning and relative importance (or unimportance). Words that might have once been seen as defining us might become relegated to a past view of ourselves as a new definition of who we are and how we live emerges.

We hope this short 40 sec video (sound on!) explains a bit more about what that counselling space means at Inniu.

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