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Make today different.

Welcome to inniu counselling. I appreciate that getting this far, to consider counselling as something that might help you, may have been difficult for you. So genuinely 'well done'. I hope my website explains who I am and how counselling might help you, so you can then take the next step. I offer secure, confidential and most importantly quality one to one counselling. It is a privilege to be supporting better mental health, and physical wellbeing at a time of great need.




Stress and anxiety are useful parts of our being that can help us navigate danger and risk in our everyday lives. Where they become overactive, repeatedly triggered and overshadow all else we can become exhausted and unable to rest and enjoy day-to-day moments. I can help you discover what lies beneath this for you, and to develop approaches that will reduce their impact in your life and begin to rebalance them to their more useful levels.


One of the most commonly diagnosed mental health issues, depression can often have deep roots in our past and our life experiences. Whether counselling is the only approach you take, or as part of a multi-disciplinary approach to recovering, we can work together to help you understand what control you potentially have within that, what may be affecting how deep and how long the depression has endured and to help you free yourself from its grip.


An inevitable part of living, and often something we fear greatly, recovering from the loss of someone we love is a very personal and uniquely individual journey. I can support you with coming to terms with the feelings of loss and the many other feelings that we can feel flooded by at such a time, and help you to build a way forward with your life.


Whether sexual, physical, emotional or any other kind, experienced as a child or as an adult, I can help you recover from the complex emotional issues that can arise from such a devastating invasion of your person and your boundaries. This might be the first time and place you have spoken about it, and you will be heard, believed and understood. There is a way forward.


Trauma can be experienced in many shapes and forms, and at any point in our lives. Whether we work in an environment that increases our risk or rate of exposure to traumatic events or that we are simply unfortunate enough to have that as part of our life story through accident or intent, the effects can be long lasting. We can feel perpetually unsafe, see danger in every corner and become stuck or frozen in behaviours that range from hyper-vigilance to taking disinhibited risks. Whatever that is for you, we can work together to find new ways to release yourself from its hold.


There is an almost universal human experience of at times feeling less capable, less lovable or less deserving than others. It can hold us back from living a fulfilled and happy life. Unlocking the underlying causes and learning self-love & self-compassion can help us enhance not only our own lives but those we are in relationship with. We will do this by understanding your unique experiences in life and how they have impacted your self-esteem & confidence.


Whatever the context, I can help you explore the many aspects that might be telling you something is wrong, that something is missing or is needing attention in that relationship. Doing so in a safe place without judgement can help you develop new approaches, reconnect with those you love and start a new chapter in your intertwined lives. It might also be about helping you prepare to end a relationship well, and move on with your own life. You will decide.


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I chose inniu, pronounced in you, as the name of my counselling practice, as it is the Irish word for 'today'. I like to think that no matter what experience or trauma we have been exposed to, today can be the start of something new for us and in each of us.


“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am,
then I can change."

Carl Rogers.